Episode 125 – Roll On Shock Table

It finally happened! With all of the recent OGL nonsense going on GDM Christopher has taken a hard look at the game he loves and found it wanting. He has finally reached the place where GDM Jay has been for a while and desires more. Will it be Pathfinder? Will it be Shadowrun? Maybe Call of Cthulhu? Who knows, but the ride will be interesting.
GDM Jay has a new TTRPG coming out soon that he’s actually really interested in. Apparently they are going to be releasing a Gloomhaven RPG to stand along side the award winning board game. Only time will tell if the game is any good.

GDM Jay takes a brief look at 2nd edition not having random encounter tables in the core books. There are also chats about a better D&D magic system and how to make goblins scary.

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