Episode 63 – Punisher the Puffinator

How did we end up here talking about a puffin that looks like the Punisher? Even I don’t remember. That’s likely because there were so many things talked about on the podcast this week. GDM Jay didn’t even want to talk about the new kickstarter he got. Level Up Advanced 5E seems to have so much depth it would be impossible to cover in a single podcast, so the guys just discussed a single part of it. They also chatted about Glidesky roost lore dump and candy making for the Sword Coast. Apparently it call comes from a single farm of candy animals. Seems inhumane to me! Where’s PETA when you need them?

Also out last month is Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons. This book is filled with amazing dragons and other creatures that will fill your campaign with true scale and sense of terror. Also includes new lineages for Dragonborn that are out of this world. Pick up your copy today!

For an in depth preview review of Fizban’s based on the leaked images, check out our video review on our YouTube channel. If you rather support your local game store do that. Feel free to pre-order your copy of any of these books at Zenergy Gamers. Use code word Grumpy for 5% off any order! Follow the Grumpy Dungeon Masters on your favorite social media platform, links below! Be sure to join us every Saturday at 8pm EST on Twitch for our Live Play D&D session.









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