Electrum Status Unlocked

So, I wanted to wait a week before posting about this, but now that it has been a week, I feel its time to make our huge milestone announcement. Dread of the Ice Devil has reached Electrum Metal status on DMs Guild. This is a huge milestone for any product on DMs Guild as only 14% of all products released achieve this medal. And we did it with our very first adventure, in under a month.

This has been an incredible little journey for me personally and for everyone else involved with the Grumpy Dungeon Masters. I would like to thank everyone who purchased a copy and I hope you have fun running the adventure. Let us know what you liked and what you did not, this will help us further refine our craft to bring you many more adventures.

Thank you again to everyone that helped us create this adventure and thank you to everyone that purchased the adventure.

For those that still wish to check out the Dread of the Ice Devil adventure, you can get it through the link below:

Cover Image of Dread of the Ice Devil with Electrum Metal logo.

We were also featured in Bundle 3 of the RPG Writer Workshop’s Summer 2020 course. Over 120 adventures and supplements were released in the Summer 2020 course. Our bundle just happened to have most of the horror and mystery themed adventures. So check them out if you are looking for other pieces of work that may match your Halloween theme D&D games.

Image of the RPG Writer Workshop Summer 2020 Bundle 3

Lastly, thanks to everyone who have been listening to our Grumpy Dungeon Master Podcast. Please continue to listen to them and let us know what topics you want to hear from us.

Last new thing we have started doing is posting weekly articles related to D&D written by the other Grumpy Dungeon Master Jay Johnson. They are released each Thursday, so check those out. Leave some comments and discussion on his articles.

We are so happy that we can bring you this content. We have so much more in store. Keep on eye our on YouTube and Twitch especially.

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